April 2019
Publisher: Lienart éditions, Paris

For the ZeftLand solo exhibition
Karim Gallery, Amman, Jordan
April 7 – May 30, 2019

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February 2018
Publisher: Institute for Palestine Studies

For the Keyword: Palestine group exhibition
Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture, Beirut, Lebanon
February 1 – March 3, 2018

March 2017
Publisher: Contemporary Art Platform CAP

For the Zeft solo exhibition
Contemporary Art Platform CAP, Kuwait
March 22 – April 22, 2017

Text by Yasmina Reggad


January 2016
Publisher: Imago Mundi Luciano Benetton Collection

ISBN-13: 978-8899657147

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November 2015
Publisher: Berloni Gallery , London

ISBN: 978-1944244781

For the Low-Quality Love solo exhibition

Berloni Gallery, London, UK
November 25 – December 19, 2015

Text by Dorothea Schöne


October 2015
Publisher: Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah, UAE

ISBN 978-1-907051-49-4

For the Walls and Margins group exhibition
Curated by Suheyla Takesh
Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah, UAE
21 October, 2015 - 1 February, 2016

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May 2015
Publisher: baksun books & arts

The Map is Not the Territory” looks at relationships and commonalities in Palestinian, Native American, and Irish experiences of invasion, occupation, and colonization – not as novelty or polemic, but as history and current events. Although many peoples worldwide have suffered long and brutal intrusions, Palestinians, Native Americans, and the Irish have intersected for centuries in specific and often unusual ways. What are some of these intersections and how do contemporary artists examine and process them through their own lives and visions?


March 2015
Publisher: Christie’s
November 2014
Publisher: Musée de la Palmeraie

For the Insoumission group exhibition
Musée de la palmeraie, Art Contemporain & Nature, Marrakech, Morocco
November 28 – December 30, 2014

Cette exposition est une carte blanche donnée à l'artiste Mahi Binebine qui a invité une trentaine d'artistes du monde entier pour nous partager leur vision des droits de l'Homme.


November 2012
Publisher: A. M. Qattan Foundation

ISBN-10: 9950313406
ISBN-13: 978-9950313408

Dispositions is an art book project that explores how movement from the artist’s familiar surroundings, or position to other unfamiliar ones—a process named here as ‘dis-positioning’—contributes to forming his or her ‘dispositions,’ in other words, their predominant inclinations and processes of artistic creation. The publication explores this question, discursively and visually, by looking at the experiences and the works of 17 Palestinian artists who participated in the ‘Cité internationale des arts’ residency programme in Paris between the years 1999 and 2009.

Edited by Adania Shibli


November 2012
Publisher: Black Dog, London

ISBN: 13: 978 1 907317 91 0

Between Exits: Paintings by Hani Zurob
 is the first monograph to trace the artistic trajectory of Palestinian artist Hani Zurob, from his initial paintings produced in Palestine, through to his most recent works, developed during the artist's exile in France.
Author: Kamal Boullata
Introduction: Jean Fisher

“Hani's practice provides an important voice in contemporary Palestinian culture, as well as a significant contribution to the creation of an Arab aesthetic. Ultimately though, while Zurob's art gives powerful expression to the Palestinian collective experience, it can also be seen in the context of more universal themes of personal identity and embraces humanity beyond the Palestinian context”.
Kamal Boullata - Black Dog Publishing, London 2012.


March 2012
Publisher: Hazan

ISBN: 978-2-7541-0648-1

For the Le Corps découvert group exhibition
Institut du monde arabe IMA, Paris, France
March 27 – August 26, 2012

"L’IMA présente, une grande exposition d’art moderne et contemporain sur le thème de la représentation du corps et du nu dans les arts visuels arabes."


June 2009
Publisher: L’Institut du Monde Arabe

(Palestine: Creation in All its States) 
Edited by Mona Khazindar and Djamila Chakour

For the Palestine: la création dans tous ses états group exhibition

L’Institut du Monde Arabe & Maison européenne de la photographie, Paris, France
June 23 – November 22, 2009

March 2009
Publisher: SAQI BOOKS, United Kingdom

Author: Kamal Boullata
Introduction: John Berger

Cover page by Hani Zurob, Marbles War no 08, 2007

“Boullata takes the reader close to the struggle of those visionary, obstinate Palestinian artists who create so that their anonymous heroic land with its ancestral olive trees may survive.”—John Berger

“It is rare and exciting to find an art book full of persuasive, urgent visual imagery whose language and strategies are ultimately unfamiliar, whatever their surface appearance, to the complacent western eye. And it is refreshing to sense that the pull of much of the work derives from and points back to Palestinian culture itself, rather than being necessarily part of the self-conscious east-west discourse which so preoccupied Edward Said. As such it represents another advance in the international understanding of Palestinian history and aspiration, but determinedly through the artist's eye.”—Guardian UK
This diverse selection features pre-1948 paintings alongside contemporary media works, highlighting the political concerns of Palestinian artists and their unique contributions to modern Arab culture. Works by artists who live in Palestine are examined alongside those of artists from the Palestinian diaspora.

Kamal Boullata is a painter and writer. His writings on Palestinian art have appeared in numerous art and academic periodicals, and he recently edited Belonging and Globalisation: Critical Essays on Contemporary Art and Culture (Saqi Books).


December 2008

For the 11th Cairo International Biennale "The Other"

Palace of Arts Opera House Grounds, El-Gezira Arts Center, Horizon One Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
December 20, 2008 – February 20, 2009

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November 2008
Publisher: Europia productions

ISBN 978-2-909285-58-8
130 Pages - 38 euros -
Europia Productions

For the Paris, Damas : regards croisés  group exhibition
Expressions artistiques et littéraires

Exposition organisée avec le soutien de l'Institut du monde arabe IMA, Paris, France
November 26 – December  28,  2008

Dans le cadre de ses activités artistiques et littéraires, Europia productions organise la manifestation : "Paris - Damas : regards croisés", qui consiste en une importante exposition d'art (61artistes) et un livre collectif (99 auteurs) présentant deux visions croisées : « Damas vue de Paris » et « Paris vue de Damas ». Les artistes et les intellectuels résidant soit à Paris soit à Damas ont été invité à exprimer à leur guise, ce que le mot Damas ou Paris pourrait leur inspirer.

Paris, Damascus : crossed glances is a project consisting of an impôrtant group exhibition (with the participation of 61 artists), associated to the publication of the exhibition catalogue and a collective book containing text from 99 Authors living in Damascus or in Paris. This event is based on the impression and inspiration that those artists and writers would have on the other one: In sum, this event is about 2 cross visions: “Damascus seen from Paris” and “Paris seen from Damascus”.

November 2007
Publisher: CASTADIVA Edition d'Art

ISBN: 2-915163-21-9

Les artistes en Exil s’exposent au Salon d’Automne
Salon d'automne, Paris
Espace Auteuil - 75016 Paris

Exposition du 8 au 18 Novembre 2007


November 2006
Publisher: Europia productions

ISBN 2-909285-30-8- - 111
Europia Productions Paris, France 

For the Juillet 2006: Expressions artistiques  group exhibition
Introduction : Il était une autre fois. Khaldoun ZREIK

November 14 – December  14,  2006


February 2006
Publisher: Khalil Sakakini Center & A.M. Qattan Foundation

For the Seige solo exhibition

Khalil Sakakini Center, Ramallah, Palestine
February 9 – March 9, 2006

Text by Mahmoud Abu Hashhash

May 2003
Publisher: Station Museum of Contemporary Art

ISBN: 0-9659458-1-2

For the Made in Palestine group exhibition
Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas
May 3 – October 23, 2003